Private Parties


Union Hall is a great place to hold a large group gathering. Click here for a PDF with complete details on the spaces available, catering menus, drink options, and general policies.

If after reading the material you have any further questions or concerns, or you would like to go ahead and book a party, please feel free to contact us using the information below.

The basement room is primarily reserved for bands and comedy events scheduled by our booking team, and will only be reserved for private use on a case by case basis and subject to the limited availability. Such possibilities include early-in-the-week bookings and weekend afternoons. Services and fees can be discussed with the Event Coordinator.

We do many parties in our main bar. What we can offer in the way of space is a reserved area (approx. 10′x30′) on the back raised platform which holds about 25-30 people comfortably. You and your guests will be guaranteed this space for a maximum of 3 hours. This space also serves as a convenient “home base” for larger parties as well, which tend to spill out onto the floor of the main bar. For groups larger than 30, the platform offers a bit of private space to mingle, while your guests are also free to move around the bar, play bocce, and sit by the library and fireplaces. If you wish to have food, we have a catering menu featuring hors d’ oeuvres which are sent out on platters, buffet style, and will be set up in your area. We can accommodate open bar situations, sell you drink tickets, or run open tabs.

Also on a case by case basis, we will rent out the entire bar for a special event. These requests can be discussed with an Event Coordinator.

We never reserve the bocce courts, outside of our regularly scheduled league play.  Unfortunately, we cannot allow strollers inside the bar per NYFD safety regulations. Children are only allowed in the bar under constant guardian supervision, before 6:00pm.  Children are never allowed on the bocce courts due to safety concerns.

Please don’t hesitate to call or contact us with any questions or concerns.

To make a reservation please contact our party coordinator via e-mail at