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Since 2006, Union Hall’s downstairs performance space has been a favorite of many top local and touring performers. We take pride in our reputation for artist-friendly deals, professionalism, and savvy loyal clientele. The room capacity is 150 standing or can also be configured to 100 mixed seated, which is great for comedy, monthly or weekly music residencies, storytelling, songwriter nights, and more.

We love to hear ideas from motivated musicians, artists, and producers for ongoing residencies, variety, theme or showcase nights that create more connection to other artists and crossover audiences, and help build community. We encourage innovation, experimentation, and diversity.

For music: most bands that play Union Hall are fairly well-established with solid fan bases and press interest, as we are a destination venue. We do significant press and promotion in conjunction with our larger sister venue The Bell House, but the nature of the room requires that the bands we book and their support be able to fill the room with their own fans. We typically book a featured or headlining band who’ll then fill out the rest of the bill. The majority of our headlining acts tour with their own support or have preferred support and friends in town, so opening slots are not generally available, but if you see a show that you would be a good fit for, please reach out.  Check out our website to get a feel for the types and caliber and varieties of original music we book.

We also love to support artists in the early stages of their careers, so even if we can’t book you now, we do welcome inquiries and you never know how we might end up connecting. We read and listen to everything, even if we aren’t able to reply.

Once you’ve read all of the above information and if you still feel like Union Hall is the right room for you, please first check our website to make sure we aren’t already confirmed on the date(s) you’re inquiring about.

Thank you!

The Union Hall booking team
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