90's Alternative Sing-Along

90's Alternative Sing-Along

Ages 21+
90's Alternative Sing-Along

Sing It Out to the best of 90’s rock and grunge on Friday, November 15th at Union Hall! Prepare your ear drums for over 2 hours of your favorite 90's alt-rock music videos with all the lyrics projected on the big screen so you and all your friends can sing (and skank/mosh) along together. No microphones and no waiting your turn to sing! It may smell like Teen Spirit, but that'll just be because we're sweating so much from all that dancing.

Sing-Along to 90’s alt-rock music videos from artists like No Doubt, Soundgarden Third Eye Blind, Smashing Pumpkins, LIT, Radiohead, Cake, New Radicals, Blur, Oasis, Alanis Morissette, Fastball, Counting Crows, Everclear, Collective Soul, The Cranberries, Green Day and many, many more! Plus...

- Wear your 90's band t-shirts, flannel, Seattle-chic or dress up like your favorite era appropriate musician, fictional character or celebrity!

- Prizes including 90's themed swag, free drinks and tickets to upcoming Bell House and Union Hall shows!

- Enjoy specialty themed cocktails like Spiderwebs, Everlong, Black Hole Sun and more!

Venue Information:
Union Hall
702 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11215