90's Pop Sing-Along

90's Pop Sing-Along

Ages 21+
90's Pop Sing-Along

Today's hits can't hold a candle to the decade when Boy Bands, midriff-bearing teens and Swedish pop crossovers dominated the airwaves. That's why we're taking you back to the time when pop reigned supreme with SecretFormula's 90's Pop Sing-Along at Union Hall! We’ve got over 2 hours of the best 90's music videos - with all the lyrics projected on the big screen so you and all your friends can sing (and dance) along together. No microphones and no waiting your turn to sing!

Get ready to sing our your emotions and Live La Vida Loca.

- Wear your ‘90s band t-shirts, school girl outfits, neon windbreakers or dress up like your favorite era appropriate musician, fictional character or celebrity!

- Show off your slick 90's choreography in the Dance Off!

- Prizes including 90's themed swag, free drinks and tickets to upcoming Union Hall shows!

- Enjoy themed drinks including The Sign, La Vida Loca, All Star and more!

Venue Information:
Union Hall
702 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11215