Alice Snedden does a show in New York

Alice Snedden

Ages 21+
Alice Snedden does a show in New York


My name is Alice Snedden and I’m bringing my comedy show to you, because I love to perform and also cause it means my week long holiday can be written off as a work expense!

Here is the blurb for the show, read it and weep!!

Who are we? What are we doing here? Do you like me? And what are you saying behind my back?

Let's all gather together and find out, or just reach no conclusion and be as confused as we were at the beginning.

Step into my existential crisis and and get ready to laugh as I try and answer the eternal question, “who am I?”.

Directed by Rose Matafeo

'★★★★★, Kiwi comic Alice Snedden should be listed as one of New Zealand’s top outputs, alongside Peter Jackson.' Ed Fest Magazine, 2018

Venue Information:
*DO NOT USE* Union Hall
702 Union St.

Brooklyn, NY, 11215