Rude Tales of Magic LIVE!!

Rude Tales of Magic LIVE!!

Branson Reese, Ali Fisher, Chris Hastings, Joe Lepore, Carly Monardo

Ages 21+
Rude Tales of Magic LIVE!!

From the mind of Dungeon Master Branson Reese, Rude Tales of Magic joins veteran comedians, artists, and storytellers together to spin webs that thrill your heart and break your bowels. And this time? It's live.

Featuring: Branson Reese (Cartoon Network, Swan Boy)

Ali Fisher (The Magnet Theater)

Chris Hastings (Dr. McNinja, Gwenpool, Adventure Time)

Joe Lepore (The Magnet Theater)

Carly Monardo (Adult Swim, Nick Jr.)

Tim Platt (Clusterfest, Late Show with Steven Colbert)

**PLEASE NOTE: This event will be mixed seated/standing. Arrive early for best seat selection.

Venue Information:
Union Hall
702 Union St.
Brooklyn, NY, 11215