Star F*ckers: The LIBRA Edition!!!
Melissa Stokoski, Karolena Theresa, Brian Bahe, and Lizzie Martinez

Star F*ckers: The LIBRA Edition!!!

Ages 21+
Star F*ckers: The LIBRA Edition!!!

This is the dawning of Star F*ckers, a new comedy show about the science of astrology, which is very real and definitely not fake. Each month, Melissa Stokoski, Karolena Theresa and Brian Bahe, (famously all Virgos) along with Resident Astrologist Lizzie Martinez (Taurus) welcome a lineup of comedians all born under the current zodiac.

Lovely Libras include Marie Faustin, Yedoye Travis, Maddy Smith, Rachel Pegram + more!

**PLEASE NOTE: This event will be mixed seated/standing. Arrive early for best seat selection.

*Individual performer appearances subject to change without notice.

Venue Information:
Union Hall
702 Union St.

Brooklyn, NY, 11215